Hearts Voyage

I am a 19 year old student living in Canada. I spend most of my time at dance. This is my personal blog <3

Tattoos I Want

Left hand, ring finger: infinity sign under ring
Right hand, middle finger: bow under ring
Left ear: heart behind ear
Unknown placement: dancer outline (pinterest)
Left foot: delicate feather
Right rib cage: heart beat with heart


My Winter Bucket List

♡ Take pictures with friends in the snow
♡ Build a snowfort
♡ Build snowmen
♡ Have a snowball fight
♡ Host a Christmas party or go to one
♡ Have a new years party (be all fancy :) )
♡ Make a gingerbread house
♡ Decorate my room for the holidays




Yayoi Kusama’s “Fireflies on the Water” light installation at the Whitney Museum, 2012. Photos taken by Gabrielle Plucknette and are owned by the New York Times.

I want to stand in this.

I have. It’s pretty unforgettable


(via lappalla)

Five year plan

In five years I want to…

Be married to a man I love.
Have my career settled (wedding planner).
Have a nice apartment.
Own a dog.
Be happy with my life.
Live in a nice city.

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